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    Everything was already written before my birth

    I was born in Perugia, also known as the Chocolate city. Maybe this fact has been the first imprinting.

    Considering that my family has always done this job, you can easily understand why I chose this title to my biography.

    Born in 1969, in time to choose my university course I didn’t listened to my creativity and I enrolled in Biotechnology course at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Perugia

    Then I worked for 8 years in a research laboratory, alternating my studies to work.

    But finally  the world inside me came out.

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    I figured out what was the way to go and I persisted in reaching my goals.

    I worked in Florence, in France – where I successfully attended the École du Chocolat -.

    As part of the training, I also attended the CASTAlimenti – the Italian School of cooking and pastry -.

    Not to mention courses in sculpture and Cake Design.

    I had the privilege and satisfaction of making cakes for Botero, Vinicio Capossela, Andrea Bocelli,

    I delighted well-known and unknown people… let’s face it, I worked hard, but always with pleasure.

    This work completes me, it’s part of me. It combines aesthetics, passion, gastronomy, conviviality

    With this wealth of experiences, meetings, sights and scents, I am ready to embark on this new journey, with the hope to meet you along my way